Old Patterns

by Honeyfitz

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Hayden Fisher
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Hayden Fisher H.fitz croons the hurt away thru recognition of reality and romanticism of the raw & deeply feeling. "Old Patterns" is the unrestrained journey of a truly honest & human existence. Favorite track: Dream Restless.
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Eight songs about growing together, growing apart, and growing up.


released June 9, 2017

Honeyfitz is Elihu Jones.

Andrew Ring played live drums and Eli Heath played bass.
Drums were recorded at Ghost Hit Recording, everything else was recorded at home.
Mixed by Andrew Oedel and mastered by Mark Alan Miller.
Album Art by Barrett Capistran.



all rights reserved


Honeyfitz Northampton, Massachusetts

western ma crooner singing sad songs and happy songs

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Track Name: Holy Moments
these days i'm anxious and aimless
searching for something but not looking very hard
someday one way or another i'll get over it

i'm just hoping to stumble into a holy moment
sure as hell not trying but it's always on the back of my mind

these days i'm passive, impatient and lonely
scared of mistake and so i'll bide my time
someday one way or another i'll get over it

so i'll inhabit cast of bits and piece of what i need
the impasse
i can feel it's got to give
Track Name: In Circles
catch me in circles until i come down
paint me into the corner so i can just hang around
and we'll wait it out and we'll see what we found

i remember these long days, i can still feel the heat
i spit on the sidewalk as we cross the street
and if no one's got plans then who knows who we'll meet

at the end of the night do you still feel divine
as all of our plans begin to unwind
i will trace circles all down your spine
Track Name: Driving Home
i can't believe
i never got pulled over
on the nights when i shouldn't have driven home

i thought i couldn't face
waking up and making coffee
stumbling out of bed together instead of on my own

i didn't mean to stay
god knows everyone gets boring
and this late at night i can't even stand my friends

so i'll say "i have to leave"
because i've got work in the morning
i'm stoned again, i'm in my head, i'd like to sleep in my own bed
Track Name: October Air
the nighttime is colder now
and it's harder to take care
in the morning the smokers and the joggers
breathe deeply in the crisp october air
Track Name: Empty Rooms Everyday
i wake up in this cold and lonely house again
and i remember when it used to be my friend
and the floorboards still creak in the same places they always did

i've been pacing through these empty rooms everyday
waiting on a signal that things really can change
cause i'm still doing the same shit i always have been

maybe it's time to put things in perspective, maybe it's time to put me in my place
maybe it's time to be looking towards the future, maybe it's time to get back on pace
Track Name: Old Patterns
missing out missing out on space again
to think i wonder why i feel so far away
push away push away all my friends again
i know the words but i don't know what to say

on the steps in the dark i sit quietly
i left the party cause it got too loud inside
caught off guard by old patterns inside of me
i hear you laugh and i can't make up my mind

in these moments when i see what sustaining me
like a dream where distraction falls away
i look for insight in an instant of clarity
only i can lead myself astray
Track Name: Dream Restless
drive for hours and hours the road stretches out time
time moves up ahead

fall asleep on a strangers floor to dream restless and then wake up and do it again

and i can't help but remember those midnights last summer when i'd drive to your house after work

just so we could go swimming and talk about the shadows and all of the things that they took

play a sloppy show, stand outside alone, remember how you won't be there when i get home

these days i'm flush with this feeling rethinking the words
the words that live in my head
Track Name: Holing Up
i'm holing up
i'm hiding out till i get left behind
i'm staying in bed, calling in sick, and i'm closing the blinds
spend my days praying the phone doesn't ring so i won't have to speak
spend my nights listening to the songs i used to love so i won't have to sleep

time will flow around me

i'm holing up
i'm hiding out i can't quiet my mind
if anyone asks for me tell them i'm busy, tell them i'm fine
all the people i used to be, well they'd like to come back
they're stretching my skin, bending my bones till they all start to crack

time will flow around me but my eyes will be closed so i won't have to see